What is the Social Media Conference?

A: Social Media Conference is one of the largest trade shows and business conference for the social media industry. Several trade shows are held each year covering the management, technology and marketing for the entire business. The Las Vegas business meeting is the largest. Held each January/February, it focuses on the global industry. The European event (held each Fall) covers the E.U. marketplace along with mobile. The West Coast conference (held each Summer) covers mobile the enterprise social networking market. The Asian trade show (held biennially each Spring) covers the Far East marketplace along with mobile. All are advanced events that discuss some of the most up to date forms of business management, online marketing and new technologies.

Who attends the Social Media Conference?

A: Social Media Conference is attended by the largest social networking owners and operators in the industry. In addition, social media strategists, intelligence professionals, government personnel, consultants, software companies, marketing executives and other executives from Fortune 1000 companies attend the event. Click HERE to see the breakdown of delegates at previous event. The percentages are fairly consistent between all events.

Why should I attend?

A: This is the forum for the social networking industry where business gets done. executives negotiate with vendors. Venture capitalists meet with firms. Mergers and acquisitions originate at this event. Mobile telecommunication firms meet with online community owners. Fortune 1000 firms learn various strategies. Sublicensing and affiliate arrangements are made. New technologies are debated at the event and executives act on what they see. Marketing strategies are evaluated and the latest legal issues for the industry are also debated.

What can I expect at the event?

A: Attending the Social Media Conference is certainly a different experience for most, if not all delegates. This is a serious business event and all delegates attending treat it as such. Business negotiations take place during networking sessions. The seminars at the event are designed to discusss new technologies as well as best tactics, methods and strategies for managers of social networking businesses to run their operations. Networking at the Social Media Conference with other delegates, like yourself, has been found to be most productive in discovering new business opportunities. For this to work best for you, it requires that you will need to be assertive and introduce yourself to other delegates at the event.

How much does it cost to register and what does a registration pass include?

A: If you register before January 11, 2013 (11:59 PM EST), the registration fee is USD $975. After January 11, 2013 (11:59 PM EST), the cost increases to USD $1,275. A registration pass includes access to the Social Media Conference exhibit hall at the Harrah's Las Vegas, Social Media Conference seminars as well as most of the Social Media Conference associated social events taking place during the event. Morning and afternoon snacks are provided for both days. Lunch is is provided. Pre-event sessions on January 17 (except the Google Session) are not included with the 2 day conference price. Also, certian functions, such as the buyers and sellers gathering and the awards ceremonies (if scheduled) require additional fees. Note: Food is not provided during pre-event session days (January 17).

What if I want to register in person at the trade show?

A: At-Door registration begins on January 17 at 7:45 AM. We recommend you get there early as there will be a long line of people looking to purchase passes at the front door. That is why we recommend registering for Social Media Conference 2013 online early. You save both money and time at the event.

What is the ?

A: The is a separate event on a different subject taking place down the hall. Attending that event are the largest in the industry. Both events have separate agendas (1), (2). Both do share the same lunch room and exhibit hall.

Do I need to pay extra to attend the ?

A: For the 2 day event, no. Registration to one event gets you a pass into both events.

What is the Buyers and Sellers Gathering?

Do I need to pay extra to attend the Buyers and Sellers Gathering?

A: Yes. In order to ensure serious buyers are present, there is a $100 additional fee.

Will you be mailing me my badge or do I pick it up at the Harrah's Las Vegas?

A: You must pick up your badge at the conference registration desk the morning of the event. Please bring government issued photo identificaiton (for verification purposes only). Registration badges are not mailed.

What if I lose my badge during the conference?

A: At this event your badge is your access to the Social Media Conference. With it, you can enter the exhibit hall, the seminar rooms and attend other outside social events. Badges cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. If you need to purchase a replacement badge at the event the cost will be USD $1,275.

Do you offer discounted passes for the exhibit hall only?

A: No. The conference pass includes all that was stated above. There is only one registration fee.

Do you offer single day passes? Is the admission price for one day or all days?

Do you offer single day passes? Is the admission price for one day or all days?

What if I want to meet someone at the Social Media Conference that has no badge and does not plan to register for the event?

A: This is a closed event. The exhibit hall, seminar rooms, meeting rooms and some areas of Harrah's Las Vegas will be the forum where Social Media Conference delegates conduct business. Only Social Media Conference registrants will be allowed in these areas with NO exceptions.

Do you provide a list of the the delegate names and companies?

A: No. This conference is attended by wealthy entrepreneurs and senior executives that do not wish to give out their names or contact details to others they do not know. We suggest that you click HERE to see a list of companies that have attended previous events as well as using the Message Boards to communicate with other delegates.

How do I make appointments in advance of the event with delegates attending?

A: We strongly recommend you use the Message Boards. Announce that you are coming and what you have to offer. Your post will be read. We also recommend the Linked In Industry Group and Facebook Industry Group

Do I have to give you my real name? I don't want it to appear on my badge.

A: We require your real first and last name for identification purposes only. We will place the name you would like to appear on the badge at the registration desk.

I plan to bring my family to Las Vegas so that we will have a vacation time after the event. Can my spouse and children accompany me into the business meeting?

A: No. This is a closed event open to registered Social Media Conference delegates only. You can register your spouse, however children under 18 years of age will not be registered and can not be admitted to the event.

I am from another country and require a Visa to go to the event. How do I get a Visa Invitation letter from Social Media Conference?

A: You must first register for your conference pass. Upon receipt of payment, email us a request for a visa invitation letter. Please include your name, full mailing address and fax number. We will then fax you the invitation letter.

I am from the media. Do you offer media passes to the event?

A: If you are with the major media (examples are: Bloomberg, the Washington Post, Financial Times, The Economist Magazine, Times of London, etc.), then email us with your name, the name and address of the media publication, the name of your editor and his contact details. Upon confirmation, we will contact you and advise if you are approved to have a media pass to the event. If you are an industry or trade publication, please note that we have pre-arranged co-promotional agreements with other trade publications. Our co-promotional agreements are done months in advance. If you are contacting us for the first time just prior to the event, you will need to register and pay for your pass.

I am a student. Do you offer special academic rates to the event?

A: No. The trade show is designed more for business and less so for academia.

I pre-registered and I'm unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

A: No. All sales are final and there is no refund for cancellation. Our cancellation policy is listed on the terms and conditions page for registering at the event.

I want to exhibit or sponsor at the Social Media Conference. What can I do?

A: View the Sponsorship Packages that we have available and contact us by telephone at USA +1 (212) 722-1744 ext. 4 or email us with your inquiry.

Where can I find Social Media Conference on Twitter? Here.