Social Media Conference (Las Vegas) brings you highly qualified experts in the strategic communications industry and new media to discuss about marketing, strategy, social networking, mobile social networking, mobile, strategic communication and social media for Global 1000 companies, government, military, strategic communications executives, intelligence divisions and Fortune 1000 business. Presentations are focused on topics concerning raising profitability, creating a policy for enterprise social media, strategic communications and new media, facilitate effective social media, preparing a strategy, Array new business models and better social media management. Each presenter will be both neutral & objective.

We require lecturers for for the 2013 Las Vegas event. If interested in speaking, please click here Only the following will be considered: military, large institutions, global 1000 companies, venture capitalists, intelligence agencies, experts in enterprise social media, Fortune 1000 companies, government, new media experts and strategic communications consultants

Interested in speaking at this event?

Skype Jennifer Caukin
Social Media
Building Customer Loyaty Through Social Media
Cisco Leslie Lau
Social Media Team Leader
Enterprise Social Media Trends
Guitar Center Kirit Sarvaiya
Marketing Partnerships, Content, and Community Executive
Social Media and Integration with Retail Music
RxMatch Kian Raiszadeh, MD
Social MEDIA & Medicine
Burrells Luce Johna Burke
Senior Vice President
Social Media Measurement Methods for Increasing Engagement and Establishing Benchmarks
Infusionsoft Heather Dopson
Social Media Specialist
Social Media and CRM
Scoop Advertising Nora Lamarti
Rewards & Incentives
Thunder SEO Max Thomas
Community Building via Social Media and Google +
Ryan Teeples Ryan Teeples
Integration of Social Media Strategy with Enterprise Technology